This book contains reflections on learning and socializing with digital media. Performing asynchronous communication and verbal interaction by combining new and old media is fast becoming the norm of everyday practice. This is true for those who enjoy interacting on the fly in more than one directed attention, for mobile, digital notebook and handset games are used interchangeably to this end. In alignment with the knowledge economy, managing digital resource as a skill is profiled as a prerequisite for certain jobs. Dow Jones Factiva, for example, may become a relevant decision making tool because holistic views may be incorporated for consideration. A non-exhaustive list of experts on digital media and education from the Malay world of Southeast Asia is also being developed. It is ironic that gender relations, assumed as given by many unawares, have become problematic and glaring in the virtual world. The narrative acknowledges that online actors may be at risk of cyber bullying. Cases leading to the victimization of digital media users are highlighted as precaution. SPAM is an unmistakable ill experience and managing SPAM is found to be a common digital irritation which may be dismissive or costly. The content suggests that more emphasis on the influences of digital media in daily interactivity beyond its use for harnessing work-related or leisured outcomes is necessary.

Reviewed favorably on 13 Aug. 2009 in Utusan Malaysia, 3 months upon debut

An analysis of Malay Reduplication recorded in Malay Mass Media

An analysis of Malay Reduplication recorded in Malay Mass Media

Jyh W. Sew acknowledges that WordPress.com is the most interactively friendly digital platform for entertainment, learning and journaling online.

The present journal was created for Malay language learning and has received external attention as an activity of Z-generation in the realm of social media powered by Blospot. Thanks Linda.

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Persembahan@Media.com. Kuala Lumpur: University Malaya Press. due mid 2010

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