Update Kemas Kini (Minggu kesepuluh)

Here are a few questions raised by students this week:

1. What is the difference between lebih and lebih banyak?
Lebih is more whereas lebih banyak is more (many/much)

Lebih can go with any quality (adjective)
Lebih banyak has a narrow scope taking noun

1a. Buah durian lebih besar/sedap daripada buah epal.
1b. Kedai ini ada lebih banyak beg/baju daripada kedai itu.

2. What is the difference between ketika and apabila?
Ketika = during [when] whereas apabila = when
Ketika invokes a time span whereas apabila synchronizes two actions/states

2a. Ketika saya kecil saya suka makan nasi goreng
During the time [when] I was young, I like to eat fried rice

2b. Apabila badan saya sihat, saya rasa gembira
When my body is healthy, I feel happy

3. What is the difference between sampai and tiba?
Sampai = travel + arrival
tiba = arrival

3a. Mereka berjalan sampai ke Jurong [They walk until [they] arrive at Jurong]
3b. Mereka tiba di Jurong semalam [They arrive in Jurong yesterday]

4. How do we say credits in Malay?
harga = price > penghargaan = appreciation > credits

5. TA1 Students invoked a series of cats to be named in Malay:

tiger = harimau
lion = singa

leopard = harimau bintang
panther = harimau kumbang

cheetah = citah
Jaguar = jaguar

It is hard to name all the big cats just like Westerners would have problems naming all the monkeys in the tropical jungle: monyet, siamang, lotong, orang utan, konkang, kera, beruk, etc. And interestingly, then, how did we figure out the dance moves of the big cat native to Africa? Lion dance anybody?

terima kasih


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