An interesting Question

A query from a student is interesting:

“Since bersama may be with then can we interchange them.”

Only to a certain extent.

Bersama is simplified from bersama-sama which means [together].

[together] implies /with/ another person

Dengan is [with], a logical relation between 2 things/persons.

Hence you can interchange them in this example:

1. Saya pergi ke pasar bersama/dengan seorang lelaki.
I went to the market with a man.

But you cannot interchange them in this example

2. Dia pukul saya dengan [*bersama] sebatang kayu.
S/he hit me with a stick.

A & B going to a location [together] implies [with] each other hence the interchangeability.

Hitting X [with] Y blocks the reciprocate meaning of [together].

Terima kasih

Hence you


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