Soalan Pelajar

Dear cikgu Sew,

I understand that during tutorial you mentioned that the more important words are to be put in front but I still can’t figure out some sentences.

For using of awak, is awak used most of the time at the back of an verb.

For example,
Siapakah nama awak.
Apakah perkerjaan awak.

But I am confused by sentences like awak tinggal di mana?
If I say di mana tinggal awak? Is it still grammatically correct?

Jawapan / Answer

The first set of your examples are phrases

Nama awak = your name hence Siapa nama awak = What’s your name?

Pekerjaan awak = your work hence apakah pekerjaan awak = What’s your job?

The second datum has awak as a pronoun representing a person

Awak tinggal di mana? = You stay where?

You have the same differences of awak/you in English:

You vs. your

so the first set of awak-examples are about your X, Y, Z.

Terima kasih


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