Soalan (Question)

Selamat Petang Cikgu,

Can I seek your clarification regarding the following:

When do we use “me, meng, men, men” and “ber”?

For example: “kami melompat di atas katil”. Why is It “melompat” and no “berlompat” ?


Dear Student

1. all the prefixes are used according to different initial sounds of the verb, respectively as part of the harmony process, please see lecture notes

2. meN is transitive and ber is not transitive.
This means, when there is an object as part of the meaning meN is the preferred one.

And in contrast, ber- is the preferred prefix when no object is intended.

But I cannot draw the straight division as there will be exception.

3. melompat = jumping intentionally

Berlompat = jumping as a state of the action.

Saya melompat di atas katil kerana saya rasa takut
I jump in bed because I am afraid

Saya suka berlompat di atas katil
I like jumping in bed.

Melompat is found in the dictionary (Kamus Dewan, 2007, p. 954)

Interestingly, there is no berlompat in the Malay dictionary;

but only berlompatan and berlompat-lompatan (Kamus Dewan, ibid.)

Terima kasih


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