On Assignment

Dear Cikgu Sew

We hope to clarify our doubts before we get started with our group blog.

Regarding “Blog may be describing the oral, reflecting on the presentation, or comparing rehearsal and actual outcomes.” – Kuliah Empat.

Qn1. Do we just choose one of the above to do (e.g. solely comparing rehearsal and actual outcomes for 3 different scenes)


Qn2. Can we can do a mixture? (e.g. Description, Reflection and Comparison between rehearsal and actual outcomes.)

Qn3. Lastly, are we right to say that our blog should have a minimum of 3 different scenes?

Dear Members of an oral group

You may do a mix of three or an extended discussion on one aspect.

As for the scenes, 3 is good meaning you talk roughly in 30 words per scene.

If that’s too much of a scene then 4 x 20 words plus 20 (intro)

Terima kasih


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