Double vision? Let’s not go bald over nothing

In TA8’s Wednesday discussion an interesting question arises:

Is ‘itu’ modifying the first noun or second noun in the following sentences:

1. Kari ayam di kantin fakulti kejuruteraan itu sangat pedas
2. Air kopi susu dan air teh susu di kedai itu sangat manis

Example 1 has only one noun specification with ‘itu’, i.e. kari ayam because there is only one engineering canteen which is specific enough hence itu is relegated to the food specification.

Example 2 seems to have a possible double meaning composition as itu seems to be specifying either the beverages or the shop.

Let’s disambiguate example 2 further

3. Air kopi susu dan air teh susu sangat manis di kedai itu
4. Di kedai itu, air kopi susu dan air teh susu sangat manis

The disambiguation does not work because there is only one reading for example 2 with ‘itu’ modifying the shop yet the beverages remain the focus of the sentence as indicated in examples 3 & 4.

The development of our sentence constructions from the very beginning started with the adjective then noun phrases then locations. We may now claim that

‘itu’ modifies kari ayam and kedai, respectively.

Both examples have the focus on food and beverages respectively, as we proceed from adjectives that modifies the food and drinks. respectively and later locate the food and beverages in different places:

In example 1, itu made the focus specific.

In example 2, itu made the location of the focus specific.

We learned that specificity may not be the focus and listening carefully is language learning.

Now that I have satisfied your need to know in the name of knowledge enquiry, it’s time to submit your blog project, prepare for oral and complete the group assignment.

terima kasih



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