Soalan Pelajar Student Question

Hello Cikgu Sew,

I have a few questions regarding LAM1201, hope you can enlighten me.

1) May I know what is the difference between saying ‘ apabila’ and ‘bila’ for the question word ‘when’?

2) Also, under what context do we use saudara and saudari?



Bila = when as a question word.
Apabila is a conjunction connecting to events.

Saya makan nasi apabila saya lapar: I ate rice when I am hungry
While English lump both together Malay has separate ones.

Saudara and saudari are nouns for brother and sister (non-kinship ones)
They may be used as adress terms in interpersonal contexts.

Saudara Ali tidak suka makan nasi (Bro Ali dislikes eating rice)
Saudara, anda makan apa? (Bro, what are u eating?)

Saudari Mary belajar di NUS (Sister Mary studies at NUS)
Saudari, bas di sana (Sister, the bus is over there)

Of course, saudara can also be a relative as u have learned fr. ibu saudara.

Saudara saya tinggal di negara Jerman.
My relative lives in Germany

terima kasih



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