Soalan / Question

Dear Cikgu Sew,
I would like to ask some questions from the LAM1201 lecture notes.
1) Saudara and Saudari- are they used for biological brothers and sisters or unrelated kins?
2) Could you repeat the part when you mentioned about the ibu saudari part?
3) I did not catch the part when you were mentioning about dato’ and datuk. Are both bestowed titles and “grandfather” in English?


Saudara = fellow brother
Saudari = fellow sister

These are non-kinship addressing terms by itself respectively
So we say saudara Ali = brother Ali or saudari June = sister June

Ibu saudara is aunt but not ibu saudari; which means the mother of somebody.
This goes to show the male lineage running in the kinship system

Dato’ is a title bestowed by the king
Datuk is either a grandfather or an addressing term for somebody with the bestowed title

Hope this is better, feel free to ask

Terima kasih


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