Hendak vs. Mahu vs. sthg else

Helo Cikgu Sew!

I would like to ask for clarification between tahu, mahu and hendak. Both means ‘know’ but when do we know when to use which word? Is there another word also for ‘know’ ? Does ‘mahu’ overlaps in meaning with ‘Hendak’ to also imply the meaning of ‘want’?

Hendak = WANT
Mahu = want
Tahu = know

Hendak is the stronger want hence you go to library because you WANT to read Saya ke perpustakaan kerana saya hendak baca buku

Mahu is a desire for sthg which might or might not be necessary I want to a car for my birthday Saya mahu sebuah kereta bagi hadiah hari jadi saya.

Tahu is a different thing and it should not confuse your command of hendak and mahu

Saya tahu dia akan datang
I know that s/he will come

Terima kasih


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