Makan Sarapan? Cannot Meh

In yesterday’s class, a student took issue with the phrase makan sarapan which seemed suspicious to him because he claimed that sarapan is makan pagi hence to say ‘makan sarapan’ is to say makan makan pagi.

But this is a structural reasoning at best  (putting 1 plus 1 plus 1 need not necessarily be inferior to 2 + 1)

Here is the initial support for makan sarapan:

0. Makan sarapan gets 19.3 million hits in google. We narrow down and notice that many entries come from bloggers and stall owners writing makan sarapan.

Since we are well trained to believe in authority the above is still suspicious although the phrase is provened to be a functional bit.

Here is the authoritative part:

The first entry of Kamus Dewan online for [memakan] has this example:

1. makan (dgn lebih aktif): mereka pun duduk ~ sarapan pagi;

(the symbol represents makan and we have a perfect  DNA match from an authoritative material)

2. The print version is in Kamus Dewan (2007, p. 981)


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