Ringkasan Pintas Quick Summary

Saya akan memberikan ringkasan sebab tidak ada masa untuk melakukannya di kelas.
I will make a summary because there is no time to do that in
a.  Video clips that apply interactive method is better than solo
work because there is extra motivation and sequence of turns. This may be a choiced strategy for problem solving. (human beings are gregarious by nature)

b. In many entries, enhancement between the text and visual provides a deeper understanding of the motion. Using two media forms complementarily is more efficient rather than repeating the same ideas in two media formats.

c. The inclusion of music or distinctive sound sequence in many
entries improves comprehension because the senses are stimulated with rhythmic beats.

Adalah jelas bahawa kita sudah selesai banyak.
It is clear that we have completed heaps.

Kita hanya tinggal ujian lisan sekarang.
We’re only left with an oral test now.

Semua kuliah, tutorial A dan B terus berjalan dalam ketiga-tiga
minggu yang masih ada.
All lectures, TA & TB continue to avail in the remaining three weeks.

terima kasih dan selamat berlisan.
Thanks and happy oral practice.


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