Gembira dan Bahagia

Selamat pagi

Cikgu suka soalan daripada seorang pelajar pada hari Jumaat

I like a question from a student on Friday

Apakah beza gembira dan bahagia?

What is the difference between ‘gembira’ and ‘bahagia’?

Gembira = happy

Bahagia = blissful

We can say that

gembira refers to happiness of momentary nature

bahagia is an ongoing flow of bliss

How do we prove that?

Apply both to marriage in Malay and gembira begets a happy wedding ceremony whereas bahagia begets a blissful marriage.

1. Perkahwinan mereka sangat gembira/*bahagia dengan kedatangan seratus orang tetamu.

Their wedding ceremony was very joyful/happy with the arrival of one hundred guests.

2. Perkahwinan mereka sangat bahagia/*gembira sehingga ke akhir hayat.

Their marriage was blissful until the end of life.

Terima kasih


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