Kuliah dan Tutorial pada hari Selasa

Ada banyak yang kita belajar di Kuliah dan tutorial pada hari Selasa


1. I will put your letters on fire if you call again (an angry line)

Saya akan bakar surat-surat kau kalau engkau panggil / telefon lagi.


2. what is bus fare?

Tambang Bas. Kalau tidak tahu, boleh gunakan tiket bas sebagai alternatif.


3. How to say the bus will turn to the left?

Bas akan belok ke kiri


4. Can kerana be placed in front of the sentence like sebab? No.


5. What are the differences between syarahan and kuliah?

Syarahan is a formal speech or keynote address.

Kuliah is a lecture for everyday learning in tertiary and college education.


6. Can i use tonton (view) when I bought tickets to the zoo?

No because the viewing is multivaried in that you can catch a glimpse (nampak) of some quick creatures, e.g. squirrel, see (lihat) partially some hidden animals, e.g. snake, crocodile, tiger, watch (tengok) some static ones, e.g. giraffe  and view (tonton) some that perform, e.g. sea lion, orangutan. The structure of viewing is not stationary like a soccer or theatre performance where the audience remains glued to the chair throughout the show (excluding half-time or interlude, of course).


terima kasih


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