Look what happened: Lihat apa yang telah berlaku

Terima kasih kepada Jesudas dan Sheikh Adnan kerana datang untuk membantu

Thanks to Jesudas & Syeikh Adnan for coming to help.

A picnic is a healthy activity

Perkelahan satu aktiviti yang sihat.


After picinic, I wrote an abstract based on you and former students. Comments welcomed.

Selepas berkelah, saya telah tulis abstrak tentang anda dan pelajar dahulu.   Komen dialu-alukan.



‘Street Malay’ as Teaching Material: From Noam Chomsky to Steve Jobs


The remark made by a former student of level-3 Malay who had requested for ‘Broken Malay’, as she had put it, instead of Standard Malay generates a few impulsive thoughts.

  1. Is current Standard Grammar as the model of language education a reflex of Chomsky’s I-Language (ideal language) that is valid only in the mind?

  2. Is street Malay a taboo in the curriculum of foreign language education?

  3. And if Steve Jobs had acquired proper standard tertiary education would the envisioning of Apple Macintosh, iTune, iPhone, & iPad be as quick and smooth as before?

The above suggest collectively that standardization seems to be synonymous with foreign language education, standard grammar is an isolated ideal somewhat distant to the communicative world, and the lack of standard curriculum (including grammar) perhaps might free up some mind bytes to do things differently. If the third point may be a possibility, a discussion of ‘Street Malay’ found in Pesta Raya 2011 (the Malay Festival of Arts 2011) as teaching material is in order. This preliminary discussion offers examples of language learning that tap on various facets of ‘Street Malay’, namely a stand-up comedy, a dance item, and a poem declamation. Developing teaching material in this context is limited to the indirect uses of Malay semiotics (linguistic and non-linguistic) found in Pesta Raya 2011 as learning stimulants aiding the acquisition of conjunction with phrasal correlation, noun classification by means of visual stimulation, Malay comprehension appropriated with pictorial representation.


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