Soalan Semalam

  1. Do these words have have same meaning and can they be used interchangeably

    • Married – kahwin (as opposed to) sudah berumah tangga

Yes but kahwin’s original meaning is to mate, hence berumah tangga is the proper communicative form. (politically and socially correct because kahwin is street-lingo)

    • Quite – kurang vs agak

Kurang is less and agak is quite

    • If – jika vs kalau: Yes either one means if
    • lecture – kuliah vs syarah

kuliah is a lecture whereas syarah is to deliver a speech                      

syarahan is the term for keynote address not kuliah hence kuliah is a routine lecture but syarahan is an address or formal speech

    • attract & attraction – memikat vs menarik

memikat = to attract vs. attraction = tarikan

menarik (hati) = interesting (securing the attention of heart/feeling)

    • very – sangat vs sungguh: yes interchangeable
    • Short – pendek vs rendah

Pendek is short for objects in terms of length

Rendah is short for human and building in terms of height

In other words, Malay describes ‘limited height and length/ with two different words, but English has short only

    • Help – tolong vs bantu

Tolong = help vs. Bantu = help as well as assist (more specific meaning)

    • After – setelah vs selepas:  yes interchangeable

(Does ‘Selalu’ means ‘always’?) yes

    • End – tepi/hujung vs akhir (if I want to construct a sentence to say ” at the end of the year …” which word do i use?

End = akhir for time reference, Pada akhir tahun = End of the year

Tepi = side of a location or place

Hujung = end for physical reference

It is confusing to you because you are forcing Malay to describe the English words

You should use English to explain each unique meaning in the Malay word

  1. newspaper is known as  ‘surat khabar’, can refer newspaper as ‘kertas berita’?

No. Would u say /xin wen zi/ instead of /pao zi/ for newspaper in Mandarin?

  1. basketball is known as ‘bola keranjang’, does ‘kuranjang’ has equivalent meaning as ‘bakul’ ?

Keranjang is not basket. You r forcing an Anglo-Chinese viewpoint on keranjang it does not work that way.

  1. The classifier for umbrella, is kaki, can i use batang too?

No, it is ‘kaki ‘just like you would say one ‘loaf’ of bread and nothing else, if you want to preserve the original bread appearance.

  1. What is the classifer for 1 cup of coffee or rather, how do i construct sentence saying “can i have 2 cups of coffee”

Cup = cawan, Secawan kopi = a cup of coffee

Tolong beri saya dua cawan kopi (please give two cups of coffee)

terima kasih


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