How to check meaning? Bagaimana periksa makna

Selamat petang

I know staycation does not stop me from jumping back to blog about Malay literacy.

If you need to check for meaning you may use google translate that allows you to locate source language and translate into English. vice versa.|en|

The accuracy is getting better but there’re still glitches.

You may also use Collins bilingual dictionary if you like to flip pages.

There are many online dictionaries,

Bhanot Online is quite reliable too, there is a limitation to everything.

Our former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew mentioned a very interesting point,

He said, “It is best to have Malay as a third language. If you can understand it and speak it, you will be up to date with happenings from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a plus point.”–lee-kuan-yew.html

Terima kasih kepada Encik Lee….

Ok shall stop work for now to have nice meal

Cikgu akan berhenti sekarang untuk makan malam

selamat tinggal…


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