Kemboja, Poin dan lain-lain

Selamat pagi

Cikgu hendak terangkan beberapa perkara.

(I want to explain a few matters).

1. Dalam buku nota, halaman 19, ada perkataan Kambodia

(In note book, page 19, there is a word Kambodia).

Kemboja dalam kuliah perkataan yang betul.

(Kemboja in the lecture is the correct word)

Sila lihat Kemboja dalam tajuk (Please see Kemboja in the headline):,6879,197253,00.html?

2. Ada guru berkata bahawa bahasa Melayu tidak ada perkataan poin.

(Some teachers said poin does not exist in Malay)

Poin ada dalam Kamus Dewan (1997, p. 1047).

‘poin’ is found in the authentic dictionary Kamus Dewan

Poin sama dengan perpuluhan.

Poin may be equated to perpuluhan (to refer to decimal point).


3. Ada pelajar berkata mereka tidak faham?

Some students claimed that they are confused.

Jangan malu, sila tanya

Don’t be shy, please ask.


Use the approach in the Mandarin proverb

Ask all the way till the claypot is broken.

(Get to the bottom of the issue)

Even if I did not come clear enough you may repost the question.

That’s what Wenwei did until he sees the difference in itu with

Itu di Jalan Alexandra.

[Itu is the known object]

Hospital itu di Jalan Alexandra.

[itu specifies the object mentioned as a particular reference]


At the same time, I assume that you have practiced;

like you would for learning German, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Practice what, you may ask.

Practice languaging by

understanding the lecture,

read and command the points in the note book,

listen to podcast

blog in Malay for oral and/or essay writing.


Practice for 45 minutes a day.

Berlatih selama 45 minit setiap hari.


Terima kasih




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