Lihat ke belakang dan ke hadapan: Looking back and ahead

By now you know that Malay as foreign language is a communicative proficiency than grammar mastery. What is expected of you at the end of the module?


1. Word mastery for communication to read an elementary Malay text.

2. Word mastery for communication to write Malay sentences in at least 8 words.

3. How to use time and directions.

4.  Communicative intelligence to ask, to say no, to address a person, to greet, to check the price, to decode numbers, to specify time, to inform the starting of an event.

After the semester break. Selepas cuti semester

5. Functions of Malay classifiers, conjunctions and adjectives to achieve objective 2.

6. Grammar intelligence to use beR-, -an, pe- in accordance standard grammar.

7. Basic functions of MeN- and peN-…-an are made per request of students each term.

8. Paragraph construction to create an essay required in the summative evaluation.


The above are delivered in each lecture further enhanced in the tutorials, either in written or spoken formats.

Terima kasih


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