Cikgu bahasa Melayu saya baca apa sekarang? What is my Malay language teacher reading now?

“It should be immensely useful to learn at the very least how to choose between what you pay attention to and the vast remainder. In my opinion, this life skill is critical to any career and perhaps it would also grant my students the freedom to construct a life that is meaningful to them.”

Prof. Phoon Kok Kwang, Fakulti Kejuruteraan, kampus Kent Ridge.


“Teachers need to develop the vital skills of talking and listening…it is healthy to think in terms of spontaneous discourse…”

A/P Joseph T.L. Ooi, Sekolah Rekaan dan Persekitaran, kampus Kent Ridge.


“We don’t spoon-feed our students…we would appetize them by arousing their mental taste-bud that would linger in our students’ mind…”

Dr. S.H Lam, Fakulti Sains, kampus Kent Ridge.


“…our education system must continue to evolve…to developing in our students the ability and confidence to learn by themselves how to fish.”

Dr. Ben Leong, Sekolah Komputing, kampus Kent Ridge 


Sumber (source): CDTLink Vol. 15(2),  Aug. 2011 


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