Lagu sebelum kelas pada hari Jumaat

Kita dengar lagu ini pada petang Jumaat sebelum kelas 6-8pm

belum = before

sebelum = right before

Anda boleh faham 50% lagu ini

[You should be able to understand 50% of the song]

Di mana dia,  Anak kambing saya?

Anak kambing saya di tepi[lah] bendul.

Bendul is the beam at the bottom of the door/pintu.

Kambing is a goat.

Ketipung payung is a type of plant?

Any guesses why anak kambing is near it?

Di mana dia, buah hati saya?

buah is fruit, hati is heart. 

The fruit of the heart is a dearie or a person close to your heart.

buah hati saya bagai telur dikupas.

bagai = as

kupas = peel

dikupas = peeled.

So your sweet heart (a small kid) is as white as a peeled hard-boiled egg.

This is a nursery tune hence we do not work with the Einstein-Hawkings logic

but more with a Harry Potter-J.K. Rowling worldview.

terima kasih



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