Soalan Baru Pada Hari Raya

There are some malay words that have a prefix. Example: beli vs membeli or berjalan vs jalan. It seems that they have the same meaning but when should we use/not to use the prefix?

Ber & meN will be taught in one of the lectures.

Progressively you may notice that jalan is either a road as in (Jalan Besar) or    walk (sedia jalan, ready walk). Hence ber- marks it as walks.

With meN a verb becomes activated as a standard form of baca read in becoming membaca (reads intentionally) . MeN- is optional at level one although some ber is found in the TB material.

The sentence structure of malay is different from english and you mention that the important words come first. Does that rule applies everytime and how do we recognise which words are more important?  Due to this, i find it difficult to construct proper sentence even though i may have learnt the vocabulary.

The most important thing comes first is a rule with only one exception Perdana Menteri. You comprehend the rule by asking which is the crux of the meaning in, for example, red book and so you would say buku merah. This comes easy through practice. Otherwise use bukit Merah as the consistent guide as it is the hill first before its colour.

For some words that have “-” example: tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, is it a must to put the “-” in between the words?

The sign is a hyphen and it shows doubling is at work. Yes we need to use it.

A question (soalan) from a different student.                                                              Can I check with you for the podcast is a group work or alone?

Both small blog and blog project are individual work as per request of the Convenor and a tutor. 

Terima kasih


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