Soalan Pelajar

The course schedule mentioned that i would need select a blog topic, either keluarga, guru saya atau hobi saya? Am i required to do that, or answer the questions: Anda tahu ini buku siapa? Anda tahu ini kertas siapa? Sila jawab telefon bimbit ini. Sila jawab soalan geografi itu. as listed out in the student assignment notes, or will it be both?

The above questions in green are meant for a small entry to be submitted to tutor B. The topic that you would choose from the three question is meant as the blog project for tutor A. You need to complete both.


I would like to clarify the about the oral exam and the week 5 small blog entry. I would like to ask if the oral group in week 6 is just the preparation for the actual oral examination and as for the small blog entry, is it to be done before or after Pelajaran 3?

By week six it is hoped that an oral group is formed with members known. So students are expected to have a basic perimeter of the oral group. There is no preparation needed but a structural idea on who and what is the oral group would be consisting of.





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