Tanda (Sign) Jalan (Road)

Keselamatan Jalan Raya di Universiti Nasional Singapura


Please write the phrases of this poster in Malay and post it under Reply

Sila tulis frasa poster ini dalam bahasa Melayu dan posnya di bawah Balas

(balas is the only new word as you should know the rest by now)

2 thoughts on “Tanda (Sign) Jalan (Road)

  1. Terima kasih. Saudara boleh jawab.

    mengambil is take (activated as verb) try Ambil ( as in not done yet)
    insert poster before ini hence this poster
    cakap is say as in talk at your level you have kata (kosa kata)
    add -kan to kata > katakan
    ke > kepada (to for human, which you will learn)
    the mesej = mesej itu (delete ada apa)

    Selamat belajar

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