Beautiful Sunday: Ahad yang Indah

There are some interesting questons today while I was editing the newsletter for the Centre this morning.

Here we go

Q1: In the last slide of kuliah tujuh, “Hari ini, Ali belajar tentang bagaimana masak nasi goreng nanas daripada program Mari Memasak.”
Why is “daripada” used instead of “dari” since Ali learnt something from a tv program(“Place”). If not, is the referent for “dari” only restricted to real places like Jurong West/dapur/meja instead of abstract places like movie/internet?

Yes, the tv program is considered animate hence more human-like (it is hosted by a human, anyway)

2. Q2: If I want to say “I am running now.” Do I write it as “Saya berlari sekarang.” or “Saya sedang berlari sekarang.”

Second one with progressive marker

3.  My Tutor showed two rules:

beli-kan plus recipient plus object and

beli plus object plus recipient


saya membelikan ibu sebuah beg vs. saya membeli beg untuk ibu.

More intelligently is -kan only to be followed by animate recipient like ibu?

We can still say

Saya melukis sebuah beg untuk ibu as well as

Saya melukiskan sebuah beg untuk ibu.

It is hence the conjunction that determines the flow and the recipient status.

Rules are useful so long as the data adhere to it but it does not and could not dictate the future use. 

Here is a line from a Malay blog

“Ibu membelikan baju utk kita memulakan kerja baru.” [utk = untuk]


Here is another:

Helen membelikan bunga untuk mamanya,…


Coherent meaning does, hence for foreign language education we focus on meaning and understanding in terms of usage in communication with some regular patterns in grammar.

More interesting I thank two lovely students who sent in good words and personal satisfaction from the learning journey.

Terima kasih


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