Soalan Semalam

Selamat pagi

Do I write “Saya pergi ke sekolah pada hari semalam” or “Saya pergi ke sekolah pada semalam”?

whenever pada is invoked hari is to follow when it comes to enumerating day

If it is the second one, I’m confused as “semalam” is also last night.

But is has the potential to be yesterday and since schooling is in the day yesterday is activated

Also, is there a need to write “hari”, for example “hari esok”, “hari semalam” or “esok” and “semalam” is alright?

This question is like hari Sabtu vs. Sabtu, kopi vs. air kopi

Saya tidur awal pada hari Sabtu sounds better than *Saya tidur awal Sabtu

Saya beri air kopi kepada bapa is better than Saya beri kopi kepada bapa

<more attentive>


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