Queries on Prefixes

When we say mereka berbaju dan berseluar putih pada hari kebangsaan can we use memakai sehelai baju? 

Memakai sehelai baju is wearing a shirt and it does not go with Mereka.

When are we supposed to use memakai or berbaju? Im not sure when to use ber and men.

MeN shows actively doing the action

Ber- indicates already using or performing the action

Ber has 3 meanings but meN is marking active voice only. 
There is bercakap but there isn’t mencakap?

Bercakap = says, no mencakap but we have mencakapkan which may mean talk about sthg.; like to gossip or yak about sthg. 

How would i know which is which? 

The context determines the usage and the particular meaning intended dictates the use of a prefix.Whether it is already in motion like bernyanyi (sings) Or actively performing the action menyanyi (singing).

Mereka bernyanyi dan menari di Esplanade.They sing and dance at Esplanade.

Mereka menyanyikan lagu Rasa Sayang di Esplanade.They are singing Rasa Sayang at Esplanade.

Terima kasih


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