Mengapa dia begitu baik? How she is so good?

Dear All

Some of you might wonder how did the student write the composition in the previous entry.  I did and asked the person.

Here is the answer shared with permission:

Hmm… I go through the exercises in the recommended textbook (Colloquail malay). Also borrowed a book on malay proverbs as well as another on malay idioms from central library. I also tried googling in malay. At the google search engine I changed my language settings to bahasa melayu and I searched “karangan” to look for essays others write and read them. You may share these strategies with your students. 😀


I think the most important lesson I learned from this module is more than just the malay language itself. I actually thought I am the kind of person who learns languages very slowly, because I used to do better in my other subjects than my language subjects in secondary school. But from this module I learned that I just have to be less shy in making mistakes and I will learn more than I expect myself to. So I tried writing and speaking and asked people to correct me. Oh and I spoke to my malay neighbour downstairs in malay and throughout the convo my heart was beating so fast cause i was so afraid I won’t understand her! But I realised I do learn more when I get myself to start speaking and writing despite knowing that i’ll make alot of mistakes along the way.  This is how much this malay module has benefitted me, teaching me that the first step to learning language well is really to put away that bashful side of me. You deserve part of this credit cikgu!


Sometimes I think I’m really rude though, cause’ having taken this module I start to enjoy eavesdropping the conversations of malays. When i’m on train or bus to school i always try to sit next to a malay. then when they are talking among themselves or talking on the phone i’ll slowly decipher in my head what they are exactly talking about. Hahaha..”


Ribuan Terima kasih



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