Perkataan baru dalam Lisan: New vocabulary from oral

Some might notice these new words from the previous entry :

1. siasat = investigate

2. tukang (expert) siasat = private investigator

3. kulit = skin hence kulit putih = white skin

Hence white is invoked as the boyfriend’s origin in story 2.

4. setia = loyal; tidak setia = unfaithful

6. tekan = press; tertekan = stressed

7. bertemu = to meet face-to-face;

8. culik = kidnap; penculik = kidnapper

9. bunuh = kill; pembunuh = killer

10. sembunyi = hide

11. mati = died, is more appropriate for a mysterious plot in comparison to meninggal which is to pass away naturally

12. pun is now distinguishable from juga in story 4.

pun = consequently whereas juga = also.

pun becomes also when it serializes a point across sentences but

pun becomes consequently within two events in the sentence.

Ali suka makan tauhu goreng.

Saya pun [also] suka makan tauhu goreng.

Apabila guru datang pelajar pun [consequently] belajar.

[the stories mentioned above are found in the previous blog entry]

Terima kasih



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