Selesai Complete

Selamat Malam

Akhirnya semuanya telah disemak

Saya seronok membaca blog Gina Chan dan Loh ZP

Saya juga seronok melihat gambar Liesel dan Tamsyn & CherXiang

Terima kasih kerana gunakan bahasa Melayu untuk tulis blog anda.

In correcting your blog I have been mindful to use what we have learned

I also make the effort to revert complicated phrases according to that of level 1 without losing the original intention.

While some may seek help from Malay associates but notice how awkward a phrase may sound and meander.

In fact, level one Malay has all the elements to craft your intention in proper, simple yet expressive ideas without complicating the motion in the narrative.

Selamat belajar



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