Beberapa Soalan: Some Questions

Ada beberapa soalan daripada pelajar pada hari ini.


1. Can i confirm that North of Jurong – Utara Jurong and Jurong North – Jurong Utara?

Yes, North of Jurong = utara Jurong; utara which is the focus appears in the phrase

Jurong North = Jurong Utara which is a translation of name just like

Clementi Barat = Clementi West


2. What is the opposite of famous or terkenal?

It is tidak terkenal or not famous 😛

Ok ok…. it is terhina = despised


3. Why use air for minum air susu when minum indicates a liquid?

minum air susu is the accurate full form the phrase could be

minum susu is simplified form hence the conserve energy tendency applies even at word level:

mahu > mau

sahaja > saja

tetapi > tapi

dahulu > dulu


4. Interestingly dulu is the adjective for in the past but it becomes the adverb for first because in order to be in the past it has be done first:

masa (n) dulu = last time  but makan (v) dulu = eat first

orang (n) dulu = older/previous generation but tidur (v) dulu = sleep first


Saya sudah penat dan hendak dengar lagu sebelum tidur:

The song below is just for bedtime listening only:



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