Habis Mandi Habis Kelas?

An interesting point was raised in TB based on p. 61 Nota Bahasa

1. I started bathing at 6am and finished at 630am

Saya mula mandi pada pukul 6 pagi dan habis mandi pada pukul 6 stengah pagi.

2. The class started at 5pm and finished at 7pm

Kelas mula pada pukul 5 petang dan habis pada 7 petang

Question: Why kelas is not mentioned in q2?

 1. Saya is the subject of mandi but there is no subject for kelas.

I started mandi and finished mandi is an action that may be specified on both ends to mark a completion by I [subject].

 2. Kelas begins as an occurrence that does not need end specification because the ending is its continuation.


Another point…why not bermula mandi

mandi is not an elaborate formal practice and in contrast kelas may bermula as it is a more formal situation.

For spoken purpose, both kelas and mandi are sufficiently invoked with mula.

Of course, bermula mandi may occur if bathing becomes a cleansing ritual in a particular river during a specific period of time.

Bomoh itu hendak bermula mandi di Longkang Emas pada Hari Emas.


I add that there is bermandi-manda which is an elaborate bathing only carried out at the beach

Budak-budak bermandi-manda di Pantai Pasir Ris dengan gembira

The children shower-washed at East Coast beach happily.

Terima kasih


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