Report On Podcast 3

1.  5% of my classes did not complete.

2. Some of the common mistakes include:

a. universiti N.S. > Universiti N.S.

b. Kerana is used at the beginning of the sentence.  It should be Sebab if you wanted to truncate the answer straight to [Sebab pintu rumah sudah tutup] [see lecture on Conjunction]

c. Pintu rumah sudah tutup is different from rumah sudah tutup when they are used after kerana because [pintu] is mentioned in front hence [pintu] or nothing is expected after kerana in the info. flow.

d. *Singapure [be careful sayang]

e. kerana *ada sudah tutup


Terima kasih

cikgu hendak keluar berjalan-jalan kerana badan rasa penat bekerja sepanjang hari.


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