Bagi minggu depan: For next week

Dear All

Next week is week 10, lecture and tutorial as per normal.

You should prepare for Malay oral, especially TA8 because  your oral proficiency assessment is in week 11.

All learners to practice listening for TB classes, which will be held in week 11.


Some interesting points in lecture on Friday

1. Why is nuri of burung nuri not in upper case?

Because nuri is a parrot family which may have hundreds of different kinds of nuri.

2. Mi is mi in Malay. This is in response to ‘mee’ which is the local English word for noodle.

3. Dahaga is thirsty so is haus in Malay. Both refer to thirst; just like teenager and adolescent.

4. Yang can single out a reference. Hence, orang yang malas itu… = that lazy one….


Terima kasih


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