Kelas Tutorial B pada minggu depan

Kelas TB Tujuh dan Tb Lapan pada Minggu Sembilan  

Each group reads vocabulary before the conversation noting [bayar, tahan, telalu, rokok, belanja]

Divide class to two sides read three dialogues crisscross followed by the next three

Each learner says one of the additional phrases with in Malay that begins with Mari kita:

6. swim in NUS swimming complex

7. eat oranges and apples

8. play table tennis in my house

9. sleep in the school next week

10. go to Uncle’s house next month

11 tour in Japan next year

12. go to the north of Singapore

13. shopping in the south of Singapore

14. learning in Jurong East library

15. partying on Sentosa Island

16. eat boiled noodle at 430pm

17. Sell fried rice at 315pm in the afternoon

18. meet with Siti at Vivocity today

19.  Go to Malay lecture on Wednesday

20. drink hot milk in the kitchen


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