Takraw is a rattan ball


It is played by kicking it to maintain the ball from touching the ground

Hence we have sepak takraw a ball kicked by three playes on each side of the court and whichever side drops the ball fifteen or twenty one times  is the losing team

Likewise we have bola sepak (foot ball) played by 11 players on each side of the field by kicking it around to enter the goal post of the other side.

sepak takraw & bola sepak are names of Malay ball games

sepak chaptek is the popular game of kicking the featherly shuttlecock [with a Hindu origin]

Notice the alternating patterns simply shows a language that defy strict order of rules as you would notice in pisang goreng as noun and goreng pisang as verb yet mistaken to be the noun by many

sepak takraw is also known as sepak raga

sepak raga

the game is also recorded in Malay Annals or Sejarah Melayu in which an episode has the story of the son of an aristocrat’s takraw or raga hitting the headpiece of the king  crown prince which gave rise to an internal conflict caused the crown prince to lose his future throne …at that time.


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