Report on Podcast 1 & 2

Semua pelajar saya buat podkas 1 & 2

Tetapi bukan semua yang betul

What might seem like straightforward listening homework remains challenging because

1. There are typos

kakah, pengurasan, comma sticking out in the middle of the phrase

2. Phrasal discrepancy

Jangan telefon bimbit adik saya

3. Disregard of the listening

Creative writing is meant for digital narrative

I have informed in Lecture 4 listen and answer the questions. There is no yardstick as to whose blog is the better one if one blogs freely…

It would actually be either the longer the better, the more pics the better, the most funny the better so it has little standardization in terms of measurement

4. Listening Miscomprehension

Using the dialogue in the second podcast to answer the same question on what your elder sister is working as…of which it was said to be studying at Cornell which is the dialogue part of the podcast

All these discrepancies have 24 hours to change

You would realize now that it is easy to change the answers digitally.  Had it been on paper that would be final beyond any repair. So would be your scores.

Learning Power

A good 4 or 5 of you use the blog to reflect on issues, or write a practice entry or record what had been learned in the tutorial or to express your self.  Terima kasih kerana belajar sendiri.

And my favorite one is Wong Ci Xin’s blog





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