Some questions from learners

Do we write as pada pukul 6:15 petang or  pada pukul enam suku petang?

Write in full with what we learned: pada pukul enam lima belas minit petang if you are told to do so.

Suku = a quarter hence enam suku petang is a quarter past six

but I have not mentioned this, not until we come across it in the TA lesson


When asking for a time, do we say,  Pada pukul berapa or just pukul berapa?

What time = pukul berapa.   For checking on the time

At what time = pada pukul berapa. For enquiry on the time of occurrence.


I know the use of the bukan. However i am not sure abt the saya tidak tinggal di paris sentence.

Bukan negates noun so bukan Paris

Tidak negates verb or adjective so tidak tinggal

Bukan Paris. Saya tidak tinggal di Paris 

Two things are negated, one is [not Paris]

And the second one is [not staying there]

Bukan Paris. Saya tidak tinggal di Paris has no conflict of grammar nor is there a conflict of meaning.


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