Hari ini bagaimana? Rumah anda bagaimana?

Hari ini panas sekali [today is most warm]

sekali = once but when it is after the adjective it becomes most (-est)

Orang itu baik sekali [that person is nicest]

Nasi goreng ini sedap sekali [this fried rice is most tasty]


Bilik tidur saya di tepi bilik air [my bedroom is next to the bathroom]

Ruang makan di bahagian selatan rumah ini [the dining space is in the south division of this house]

Tandas di tingkat atas [toilet is on the top floor]

Ruang tamu di sebelah kanan rumah baru [living room is on the right side of the new house]

bahagi = divide; bahagian = division (as in section)

belah = split; sebelah = one split = one side > sebelah kanan = the right side

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