Sampai Di Tengah-tengah: Arriving In The Middle

Selamat Pagi

Week 6 Mid-term test Small Blog of Podcast due in TB 2 

Break (Quiz pops anytime here after)

Kuliah 7 Preposition Oral topic due;

inform TA tutor Title,  group name, members

Kuliah 8 Classifier (E-learning Folder)

Kuliah 9 Adjectives

Small Blog on Podcast 3 due in TB

Kuliah 10 Simple Verbs & Transitivity

Standard Blog: Digital Narrative  due TA

Kuliah 11 Simple Prefixation

Oral due Evaluation TA &

Listening Test in TB

Kuliah 12 Double Word

Oral Evaluation in TA

Kuliah 13 Summary, Etc.

The blog generates a different URL for each entry. Please send the correct URL to the respective TB and TA tutors accordingly, when an assigment is due each time.

Terima kasih


3 thoughts on “Sampai Di Tengah-tengah: Arriving In The Middle

    • 1. Jalan (Road)
      2. Lebuh (larger than road)
      3. Lorong (lane)

      All three can be taken as avenue as each covers a large residential area.
      For a normal Ave I would use Jalan because lebuh may refer to highway…
      Lorong is commonly used in Toa Payoh and Geylang area (the point is they are large areas)

      • We do not translate all proper names as they have established their unique references among the speakers

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