Reflections on Friday night

In lecture group 1, Dia bukan teman lelaki saya lagi [He is not my boyfriend anymore]

invites the question: how to say He is my boyfriend again?

You may use the example in Pelajaran Dua of the one hour tutorial

“Tolong cakap sekali lagi.  Please say once more”.


Dia teman lelaki saya sekali lagi [He is my boyfriend again].

lagi is still and sekali lagi is once more or again.

The basic construction in the course pack should be the foundation to solid communicative language education admist the fervor for new vocabulary, which serves a naming purpose.  

Note that the again as boyfriend experience is uncommon in real world conversation as it sounds awkward indicating a bizarre liason.


A week ago we have a question: what is tomorrow?

Is it besok or esok?  The dictionary seems to be undecided.

So, i called up two native Malay….half way through the conversation,

I asked the first friend to translate “What are you doing tomorrow“:

The Reply:……esok

Immediately, I called a second native speaker,

Half way through the conversation, I asked the friend to translate

“Do you want to go out tomorrow?”

The Reply:…..besok.

The dictionary is right, after all.  However, decades ago, I learned that esok is tomorrow and besok is day(s) ahead.

The need for a definite meaning to a specific word is a print culture based on a structured symmetry for paper-and pen(cil) examination to justify (rote) learning.

Perhaps, linearity in meaning is only the beginning.


 Terima kasih, j

P.S. If you happened to see a bizarre entry two nights ago, it was me trying to blog in the MRT via iPhone.

I gave up in the end as the alignment went havoc and spelling was erroneous due to wobbling and narrow screen.

And I was hungry too…the word hungry is in podcast 4.


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