Ada ke tak ada?

Selamat pagi

here are some queries for learning purposes:


…when do i know when to use mahu and when to use hendak?

Mahu  want as in would like to

Hendak. Want as in need to with more urgency


…how come the 1st question, Berapa adik-beradik Ahmad?, does not use the word ada but the 2nd question does?

Ada may be added to berapa adik…. to show more emphasis in asking

 but the one without is as good which goes on to show that we speak in a number of ways

indicating a series of nuances in daily interaction


Also, if i want to say that ‘he has only one younger brother’, then is it right to say ‘dia ada juga seorang adik lelaki’?

No, it should be Dia hanya ada seorang adik lelaki because juga = also but hanya = only


Kanak – kanak  = young child does both kanak-kanak and anak mean child(ren)? If yes, then what’s the difference between the two and how do i know when to use either words?

Anak is offspring hence anak lelaki abang saya = my elder brother’s son

Kanak-kanak is a common young child


…for the sentence ‘Ali ada di kiri saya’, is it necessary to have ada in the sentence?

Ada provide more emphasis the same that you wanted Ada for asking about Ahmad’s siblings previously 

You may drop Ada like I did for the Ahmad-phrase


More queries

….. what is peperiksaan under the month of mei?

periksa = examine, peperiksaan = examination


What is kosa kata and what is selesai?

kosa kata = vocabulary

selesai = complete


….whats the difference btwn negara and negari  [sic]?

negara = country

negeri = state


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