Reflections from Hari Jumaat

Some interesting sharing:

1. Can we use pergi instead of keluar for Boleh keluar pada hari Sabtu?

Yes but pergi requires a destination: pergi ke Orchard whereas keluar simply means go out

2. Why there is no [r] in bekerja?

Er..two [r]s are too much of a mouthful; try pronouncing [ber][ker] [ja]

compare it with [be][ker][ja], which is more speaker friendly.

 It has been bekerja since I learn it.  So is pekerja.

3. Different Malay teachers pronounce /meja/ differently:

[meje], [meja], [mejarh]; then how? 

This is a wonderful learning experience that no two Malay speakers speak in the same way;

not even in Second Life.  [Are there two Mandarin or Hokkien speakers, who speak identically?]

As a rule of thumb try the standard pronunciation: [meja]

4. Why is ber- so friendly going with nama, main, bulan madu?

bernama = having the name;  bermain = playing or plays;  berbulan madu is having a honey moon

Notice that ber- only enhances each type of word;

 nama and bulan madu are nouns; and main is a verb.

In all instances ber- enhances the word it attaches to

hence if it is a noun then it is owning or having it (name or a period of experience;

whereas if the word  is a verb then it is undergoing the process like learning (belajar) or playing.

5. Tracking the information with -kah..

Bolehkah awak keluar pada hari ini? Can you come out today?

Awak boleh keluar pada hari inikah? Can you come out today?

Awak boleh keluarkah pada hari ini? Can you come out today?


Terima kasih,



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