Marilah bersama…in ‘Cinta ini’

The link below offers some reference to what we had learned

Cinta = love; and you have learned [ini]

1. Dato’ the title bestowed accompanies the artist’s name

2. Aku (I) is used as ku in simplified form for denoting the singer from her viewpoint in the song

3. Marilah bersama in the lyrics denotes a cooperating gesture (let’s do something), remember the first line of the National Anthem?

4. Apa is what and nya is a possession marker hence in the song apa adanya… means whatever is there

    referring to the request to be together and face whatever the relationship begets

5. Kita is an inclusive we

6. Engkau and Aku are used between the lovers to show close bonding beyond basic politeness in standard communication as there is no need to stand on ceremony for them anymore



3 thoughts on “Marilah bersama…in ‘Cinta ini’

  1. Is there a mp3 version of the podcast? I tried to subscribe it on itunes, but it doesn’t play anything, and i do not have an iphone or an ipod.

    • Hi they are mp3 n I played them on iTunes with no problems

      You also played them from window media player

      Terima kasih

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Gerard

      I downloaded a podcast from IVLE

      The folder opens to a MP3 file

      I click on it

      Windows media player were called up

      I agreed to the terms & condition

      The file blared well…

      terima kasih, selamat pagi

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