Interesting Question from Group 2 (Tues)

1) in today’s lecture, Turong Senjata => bring down the weapon ?

Yes but it is actually “Turun Senjata!”

2)Hari raya = Big day, so raya is big ? Yes

3) pak cik and mak cik can be used for 3rd parties other than related aunt or uncle ? Yes

4) nasional is pronounced as national?

 it is  NA-SI-yO-NAL  the semi-vowel [y] is a natural occurrence when the 2 specific vowels came together verbally

5) for the reply : Hospital itu di jalan alexandra can i reply like this : itu hospital di jalan alexandra?

Er…Yes:  /itu hospital di Jalan Alexandra/ is a introduction to an unknowing person who chanced upon the place.

/Hospital itu di Jalan Alexandra/ is made between the speakers for locating the building known to them.

6) what is tandas in the lecture notes?  Toilet

Terima kasih kepada pelajar ini.


Since kawan is used for good friend, than why is it not kawan lelaki or kewan [sic] perempuan to denote how close the relationship is?  How come we are using teman (which means a friend that is not so close) instead?

Teman lelaki may refer to a common male friend like kawan lelaki.

Teman lelaki has the additional potential to be a steady.

Teman may denote partner and a partner may be a professional or personal collaborator.

Kawan in comparison seems to be limited to platonic or close ties.

However it is context dependent as my grandmother always asked her Malay friends

“Kawan, kerja apa?” [What is your husband working as?] or

“Laki, kerja apa?” [What is your man working as?]

These two phrases however are not recommended given the dated ussage. 

Terima kasih kepada pelajar ini



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