Soalan Hari Ahad

1. Why is it hayat hidupku? Both means life right?

Life Sciences = Sains Hayat hence hayat = life (see Nota)

Hayat hidupku = actually hayat hidup aku, which is my life span.

Hidup becomes living to show a living life span at the end of one’s self reflection.


2. Is raikan and berpesta the same?

Rai = celebrate (verb); pesta = outdoor party (noun), berpesta = is running outdoor party

Raikan = celebrate plus emphasis, which is quite accurate as family matters may be rejoiced with little outdoor bash.


3. Is Kisah and cerita the same also?

Kisah = cerita = story. 

Kisah may also be grand epic which is the case for each actor of his or her reflections in their own terms.



Grammar 50m

Comprehension 20m

Composition 30m

Please allocate enough time for all parts. The sum of all parts make the best whole.


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