Cerita Hati

Terima kasih kepada pelajar saya Encik W.D. Tan kerana memberitahu saya ada Cerita Hati ini.  Sila lihat di bawah:



You should be able to decode and decipher 75% of the written subtitles


ulang = repeat; hence ulang tahun = anniversary

luah = express verbally; but narrated as ‘wrote’ in the clip

bekas = previous; but narrated as ‘old’ and interestingly nobody would decipher her old boyfriend as an 58 year-old man.  Why hor?

coret = to scribble; hence coretan = scribblings; but narrated as letters [of love]

insan = samaritan; narrated as someone

The explanations above are to show how important the context plays a role in understanding. 

That’s why the term context, contextual meaning or in that context was repeatedly used in our lecture experiences.



Aku used as the first person invokes authority in the story.

Bapa aku, however, is too authoritative hence aku is shortened to ku and appends to bapa > bapaku.

The principle applies to kakakku, ibuku and any form [N+ku]. 

You will notice kepadaku which connotes an endearing tone compared to kepada aku.


You should know that dari, bila, and adalah are used wrongly in the subtitles with your command of Malay based on our lectures.

The first dari should be the other ‘from’

The second dari is narrated as with.  We know what is the actual ‘with’ in Malay, don’t we?


Do check up the vocabulary on your own first…for learning sake.

Here is an online facility: http://www.stars21.com/translator/malay_to_english.html 


Please use the comment facility below if any doubts arise.


2 thoughts on “Cerita Hati

  1. Selamat cuti Cikgu

    Boleh saya menanya:

    1. Why is it hayat hidupku? Both means life right?

    2. Is raikan and berpesta the same?

    3. Is Kisah and cerita the same also?

    Terima Kasih


    • Selamat pagi

      “Boleh saya bertanya [dengan awak]” because menanya requires object as in [menanya soalan ini].

      Hayat is life as Life Sciences = Sains Hayat

      Hayat hidupku is ‘my life span’ hidup becomes living hence a living life span as reflected in the clip

      rai = to celebrate (a verb) whereas pesta = outdoor party (a noun) berpesta to run outdoor celebration (a verb)

      raikan = celebrate with emphasis; is more suitable because rejoicing family matters may not be a party

      kisah = cerita but kisah may be epic of great importance hence befitting the narration of one’s life.

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