Soalan tentang siapa?

1. Can [siapa nama awak?] be changed to any other forms?

Ans: This is the accurate and polite way of asking. 

The other way is Nama awak siapa which is more direct.


2. [Itu jam siapa?] would be the correct way of asking for the owner of the clock, right?

Ans: Yes….  Itu jam/rumah/kereta/adik/anak siapa?


3. Is who is this person…[Orang ini siapa?]

Ans: Yes here are more examples:

Who is this singer….Penyanyi ini siapa?

Who is this student….Pelajar ini siapa?

Who is this uncle…Pak cik ini siapa?

Wh0 is this child….Anak ini siapa?

Who is this man…Lelaki ini siapa?

You may may flip the examples in Q3 as in [siapa penyanyi ini] as it concerns the identity of the singer, man, child, uncle, student.  

Therefore, Q3 is about the same reference but Q2 concerns an object belonging to a person which is a separate reference, blocking the switch of siapa:

Itu jam siapa? vs. *siapa jam itu? : Siapa perempuan ini? vs. Perempuan ini siapa?


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