Soalan-soalan pelajar

Moderated qs


1) Can the ‘dengan’ in “Mereka bual de[n]gan lama di kedai” be removed.    Yes


 2) why is it bermain bola and not memain bola since it follows an object.

Ans: Playing ball is a two or many people game and  bermain allows dengan to bring x, y, z number of people. 

This remains implicitly true even when dengan [n] is not expressed, e.g. Lin Lin bermain bola di sekolah.


3) is there a root word for ‘mengucapkan’?  Ucap


4) if i want to say “more things”, can i say “lebih barang” instead  of “lebih banyak barang”?

Ans: Banyak is the quantifier for thing(s) especially when you want more of it/them.

Removing it makes the increase less obvious in written (hence it is understandable in spoken but not in print)


 5. What is the diff between di mana, di hadapan, di belakang?

Ans: Di mana = where:

Di mana rumah orang itu?  Where is the house of that person?

Di hadapan = in front of: 

Ada sebatang pokok kelapa di hadapan sungai itu.  There is a coconut tree in front of the river.

Di belakang = at the back of:

Tidak ada orang di belakang awak.  There is nobody behind you.

Tempat di belakang kedai itu sangat kotor.  The place at the back of that shop is very dirty.


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