Soalan Pelajar-pelajar

Moderated Q

1. Is the translation of  “I bought for my sister a present for ber birthday.” as 

[*]Saya membeli sebuah hadiah untuk hari jadi kakak saya, correct?

Ans: Only one untuk is needed: Saya membeli sebuah hadiah hari jadi untuk kakak saya.


2. Where di[d] you buy this pretty shirt? = Di mana awak membeli baju yang cantik ini?

I am not sure about where to put the ini, itu etc. 

Ans: Your bilingual transfer is perfectItu or ini is to follow the reference, like in your example.


3. ‘That young bank manager…‘should it be Pengurus bank muda itu…. ?  Yes.


4. You mentioned that di dalam is used for something which can be defined physically.

So in tutorial you had the sentence ‘ Semua orang dalam keluarga tidak tinggal di sini.’

But in one of your lecture notes, the sentence was ‘ Saya anak kelima di dalam keluarga.’

Ans:  There is an ordinal space in a series of children for the identification of the fifth child.

Let’s call it ordinal space that begins from the real physical order that ends in the common imagination. 


5. Does pulang means returning home? Do I need to add pulang ke rumah like balik ke rumah?

Ans:  Yes and no.  Yes if there is one home.  No if there are temporary ‘homes’

Such as I would return to my office after attending a meeting so I would say Saya akan pulang ke pejabat.

It can be safely said that pulang is return; with the end ranging between home and any other locations.


6. What does ‘ada apa’ mean?

Ans: Ada = have, apa = what.  Ada apa literally means have what?. But in daily interaction ada apa is “What is it?”.


7. This phrase is from the essay above:  Saya belajar berdiri di atas kaki sendiri. (I learn to be independent)

Ans: In Malay, the independent phrase is shrunk further to berdikari: Saya belajar untuk berdikari di asrama.


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